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Joan Miró Lithograph
  • Joan Miró was a Catalan painter, sculptor and ceramist born in Barcelona, Spain in 1893. 


    Miró initially went to business school as well as art school. In the context of Ned Judex it is worth knowing that Miró began his working career as a clerk.


    In 1911, Miró overcame a serious battle with typhoid illness, and after that he abandoned the business world completely to devote his entire life to painting.


    Miró's early art was inspired by works of Vincent van Gogh and Paul Cézanne. He also crossed paths with Pablo Picasso. He is regarded as one of the greatest surrealists, nevetheless considered his art to be free of any "ism".


    Ned Judex believes Miró's artwork is genuinely unique: once you have seen one, you'll always recognise a Miró.


    His artwork is inspired by artwork of children, Catalan folk art and the subconcious mind. Joan Miró has undoubtedly changed and paved the path of art history.


    His works are permanently displayed at e.g. the Tate Modern (UK) and in MoMA (US), and perhaps soon in your most important law firm office.


    The beautiful picture frame is included.

    61 x 54 cm (24 x 21 inch)


    The artwork will be delivered including the beautiful old frame and the letter of authentication.


    With Ned Judex art you:

    • receive a visual reminder of the importance of human rights;
    • contribute to a fair trial for wrongfully convicted citizens; 
    • are the proud owner of a beautiful lithograph by a unique European 'surrealist'. 


    The painting will be shipped insured with DHL, anywhere in the world.

    Joan Miró Lithograph

    € 4.800,00Price
    VAT Included
      1. Print and fill out the return form and pack the painting well (undamaged and unused). Print and fill out the return form and pack the painting well (undamaged and unused)
        You can download the return form here.
      2. Fill out the return address on the package:
        Ned Judex

        Barbara Strozzilaan 201
        1083 HN Amsterdam
        The Netherlands (EU)

      3. Return the package within 14 days after receipt of the painting via DHL (insured), these costs will be refunded.
        If you have any questions, please email:

      4. After receipt of the package, we’ll process your return within 14 days.

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