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Marc Chagall Lithograph
  • Marc Chagall, born in Belarus in 1887, was a French-Russian artist of Jewish origin. He was an early modernist.

    A famous art critic referred to Chagall as "the quintessential Jewish artist of the twentieth century".

    In 1956, Marc Chagall created 105 lithographs to illustrate biblical scenes for The Bible, published by Verve.


    This particular lithograph represents a pivotal moment in the story of Rachel and Jacob. Rachel was a beautiful, yet determined young woman and Jacob, the progenitor of Israel, fell in love with her. As Jacob wished to marry her, he agreed to serve her father for 14 years. However, despite their arrangement, her father didn't let Rachel go with Jacob. They then decide to escape together and Rachel steals her father's graven images. According to the customs at that time, Rachel thus had the right to her father's inheritance, which she normally would not have been entitled to as she was the younger daughter.

    Rachel’s father chases Rachel and Jacob down, accusing them of theft. Rachel, sitting upon a camel, hides the graven images underneath her saddlebags and then refuses to come down due to ‘womanly’ problems. In this scene, Rachel appears both maternal and humble. Chagall creates a triangular composition between Rachel, her father and the camel that is stressed by the mountainous shape in the background.

    Marc Chagall flirted with various artistic styles and experimented with painting, illustrations, prints, ceramics and tapestry.


    It is sometimes believed that Marc Chagall had seven fingers on the left hand as he made a cubist self-portrait depicting himself with seven fingers, but this seems related to the Yiddish expression “to do something with seven fingers", meaning to do something well or skillfully.


    The artwork of Marc Chagall is to be found in e.g. in Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), in the Marc Chagall National Museum in Nice (France), in the Fraumunster church in Zurich (Swiss) and in The Art Institute of Chicago (US).


    The artwork will be delivered including the beautiful frame in matching colours and the letter of authentication.


    With Ned Judex art you:

    • receive a visual reminder of the importance of human rights;
    • contribute to a fair trial for wrongfully convicted citizens; 
    • are the proud owner of a unique lithograph of a well-known European artist. 


    The painting will be shipped insured with DHL, anywhere in the world.

    57 x 47 cm (22 x 18,5 inch)

    Marc Chagall Lithograph

    € 4.300,00Price
    VAT Included
      1. Print and fill out the return form and pack the painting well (undamaged and unused). Print and fill out the return form and pack the painting well (undamaged and unused)
        You can download the return form here.
      2. Fill out the return address on the package:
        Ned Judex

        Barbara Strozzilaan 201
        1083 HN Amsterdam
        The Netherlands (EU)

      3. Return the package within 14 days after receipt of the painting via DHL (insured), these costs will be refunded.
        If you have any questions, please email:

      4. After receipt of the package, we’ll process your return within 14 days.

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