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What does justice mean to you?

Art advocating human rights

The art of Ned Judex gives law firms the opportunity to contribute to a fair trial for the wrongfully convicted. As a lawyer himself, Ned Judex designed ‘The Meaning of Justice’ especially for law firms. The artwork provides food for thought by reflecting on the fundamental principles and importance of the legal profession. Now you have the opportunity to contribute to a fair trial while enjoying art. 

About the art

Imagine the first thing your clients see when they enter your firm is the artwork ‘The Meaning of Justice’. Definitely an eye-catcher and a conversation starter! “What does justice mean to you?” is this painting’s central question.

The Meaning of Justice

Shades of black and white give the highest possible contrast and fit the themes of inequality and injustice very well. The abstract visualization of the typical gown worn by judiciaries symbolizes justice in its truest sense. The right to live is the most fundamental right we have – a human right pursuant to both European and US statutory laws.

Everyone deserves a fair trial

How does it affect you to know that there are many wrongfully convicted people on death row? A fair trial can only be enabled by the high-quality incorruptible aid by a lawyer. The Clinton Young Foundation advocates for and offers legal assistance to those wrongfully convicted of capital murder in Texas.

About the art
About Ned Judex

Ned Judex is inspired by lawyers who dedicate their life to assisting wrongfully convicted people on death row. Ned Judex visualizes the meaning of justice and in doing so enables commercial law firms to contribute to human rights.

European certificate of authenticity

The red wax seal is a typical medieval European way of certifying an important document. The fragility of the wax seal contrasts with the abstract painting,  drawing attention to the continuity between past and present. 

Digital certificate: non-fungible token

The painting will be delivered from Amsterdam with a certificate of authenticity. In addition, and conforming to the latest trends in digital copyright, you will also receive a non-fungible token of your own unique painting. This NFT gives you the basic usage rights, like being able to post the image online and the proof that you own the art.

About Ned Judex


With Ned Judex art you:

  • receive a visual reminder of the importance of human rights, including a museum-like sign providing information on the artwork and Ned Judex (sign is in production);

  • contribute to a fair trial for wrongfully convicted citizens;

  • become the proud owner of a unique painting including a non-fungible token (NFT).

Ned Judex supports the Clinton Young Foundation

Ned Judex was founded in order to contribute to a fair trial of wrongfully convicted citizens. Ned Judex supports the Clinton Young Foundation by donating at least 50% of the profit of each sold artwork. Visit the website to read more about the foundation. 

New arrivals 

Recently, lithographs of renowned artist such as Joan Miró and Marc Chagall have been added to the gallery. Marvellous lithographs that will function as an eye-catcher and conversation starter in your reception area. 


Also with these lithographs you’ll contribute to a fair trial.

Moreover, with each artwork purchased via Ned Judex, you’ll receive a museum plate as depicted below. 




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