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Clinton Young free pending re-trial

The Clinton Young Foundation (CYF) fights for former health-sentenced individual Clinton Young. Due to Clintons’ conviction was overturned on September 22, 2021. But only because of unremitting commitment of his lawyers, among others: Merel Pontier (picture).

In November 2001, when Clinton was 18 years old, he was part of a group of 4 young men when a fifth man was shot and killed in a car in which they all sat. Clinton sat in the passenger side of the car when Doyle Douglas, who sat in the driver’s seat, was shot in the head two times; on the left side and back of the head. One of the other men, David Page, was standing outside on the left side of the car when the shooting occurred. Despite the implausible angle, the three men point to Clinton as the shooter.

Less than two days later, when Clinton and David Page are driving to Midland, another person gets shot in the head and killed. A pair gloves is found at the crime scene; it contains DNA on the inside from David Page and GSR on the outside. The person wearing the gloves fired a gun. Despite this incriminating evidence against Page, Page points to Clinton as the shooter.

During Clinton’s trial, the three co-defendants testify against Clinton. After Clinton’s trial, they all receive very lenient sentences in return for their testimony. Clinton is the only one who gets convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death. Clinton has always remained his innocence in relation to both murders (

Being a lawyer himself, Ned Judex was shocked to read that the Assistant District Attorney Ralph Petty, while prosecuting Clinton, simultaneously and in secret, worked for 17 years, as a law clerk for the judges presiding over Clinton’s case. Petty worked Clinton’s case from both sides. This type of prosecutorial misconduct is absolutely unheard of and completely denied Clinton a fair trial. The judge also denied Clintons’ right to a fair trail by letting the prosecutor work for him. At the same time, Clinton’s co-defendants made secret deals with the prosecutors. Lastly, ne

w evidence shows that Clinton could not have short and killed the first victim from his position at the time. Forensic and DNA evidence shows that another person wore gloves and fired the gun.

Please watch the documentary here.

On September 22, 2021 the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (CCA) vacated Clintons’ conviction and death sentence because of gross prosecutorial misconduct. The CCA ruled that Clinton did not receive a fair trial. After more than 20 year of fighting, Clinton was released on bond and he now awaits his new trial in freedom.

But: the fight is not over. Clinton still faces possible execution after a re-trial.

We are back to square 1.

All help is needed. Maybe more than ever.

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