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Free, part II

On August 29, the lawyers of the Clinton Young Foundation we were able to bail Clinton out of jail, again, and give him his freedom back, again. Compliments to the team of lawyers, depicted below is Merel Pontier, who have worked again so hard to turn this around.

Still, Clinton is awaiting his new trial. Why is he awaiting a new trial? When he was convicted to a death sentence, it appeared that the prosecutor who worked on Clinton Young’s trial, Ralph Petty, was secretly working as a paid law clerk for two judges who presided over Clinton’s case. This is called 'moonlighting’. In his capacity as a law clerk, Petty drafted rulings and advisory memos for the judges that were used for the judges’ orders and rulings in Clinton’s case.

“You don’t have to be a lawyer to know that this is wrong,” some people said. Merel and team filed an application seeking a new trial for Clinton and therefore he now awaits his new trial.

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